Ques.) What makes 12 Month Loans Today apart from others?

Ans.) 12 Month Loans Today is an online loan entity from where money seekers can apply for additional finances when stuck in financial predicament. Through us, borrowers can get access to funds for coping up with the issues that arise without any warning. Being an online loan entity, you can apply and take home cash easily.

Ques.) How much interest rate is charged on loan?

Ans.) Interest rate charged depends on several factors such as salary you are withdrawing currently, type of loan you are applying for and your ability to reimbursement of the leaned amount.

Ques.) Can people living as non homeowner and tenant apply for additional finances?

Ans.) Yes, there is no need for you to worry if you are living on a rented accommodation and need additional funds as you can apply for it easily through us. Through us, you can apply for loan in an unsecured format too. Those of you who are applying for unsecured format are required to place no valuable asset against the leaned amount.

Ques.) Do you offer without any kind of credit check?

Ans.) People who are choosing to apply for loan with us can get money without getting involved into the formality of credit check. Worry not about tags such as insolvency, bankruptcy, county court judgments, individual voluntary arrangements and defaults can gain funds provided money lenders working with us give the green signal.

Ques.) How much amount can I get access to as loan?

Ans.) You can get access to cash ranging between $100 and $3000. However, money lenders sanction the amount on the basis of your present salary, loan format you have chosen – secured or unsecured and ability to make repayment.

Ques.) How can I apply for loan?

Ans.) Application process for loan is kept simple as you will be applying online using the application form available on our website.

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